Mexico Trip

Hey there, viewers, sorry it's been a bit since I posted- I was on a mission trip to Mexico with my church. We visited orphanages and played with the children there. It was a very special experience, and I already miss it so much. God has such a heart for those children, and it's amazing to see His provision and love for them. I didn't take any pictures because I didn't use electronics at all (I wanted to focus on the experience completely and not be distracted) but I might get some pictures from others who went on the trip that I will add to this post when I get them. Until then, I will use my words to describe what I saw.

My first word- colors! Mexico is a colorful place. The buildings are all painted different colors and they are all bright. I loved the artistic feel of the rainbow houses. It made me want to paint my house bright green.

Another thing I saw were murals. Big, beautiful, bright graffiti murals. There are some truly amazing artists there. Beautiful.

Language was an interesting aspect too. If you know me, then you know I LOVE words. Words words words. And I sadly don't speak Spanish YET. But I want to learn. So I was a little unsure about how well I would be able to communicate with the people there. But God came through and gave me confidence and I was able to really connect with the kids there. Language should not be a barrier, it's an opportunity to use something other than words to express love. And love is a language in itself. So with a garbled mixture of hand gestures, choppy Spanish, and pure emotion I was really able to build relationships. That's amazing.

And lastly, family. In Mexico I saw real family. Those kids in those orphanages loved each other. They were a family who cared for each other deeply. Real family. And I was so blessed to be invited into that family's home. Thank you God.

So here's my advice to you if you are unsure about wether or not to go on a mission trip. Go. Just go and do it. You will thank yourself and God as soon as you get there. It's normal to feel a little scared or hesitant, but don't let it stop you. Remember all those fearless, inspirational quotes you post on your Pinterest or hang on your bulletin board. Remember why you picked them. And go and be fearless and be free and serve. And you realize it was never about you anyway. And trust me when I say that realizing that is one of the best feelings ever. So go do it!

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