Books to Read While Traveling

So it's August and everybody knows that summer's when you take trips. So wether you're on a trip to Tahiti or New York here are some books to read while you're vacationing.

-Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy- You think you're traveling far away, compared to this book you're not. This book will remind you distance (and time) is relative :)

-Mother Daughter Book Club ~Wish You were Eyre- The last book in the MDBD series, this book is a sweet finish with an exiting trip to France and plenty of traveling. Love this book. Always a good reread.

-The Brother Band Chronicles ~Book One- This one isn't really about traveling but it will while away the long car ride with it's epic excitement and suspense.

-Eragon- This is less of a vacation and more of a quest. Actually it's not a vacation at all. Elves, Swords, Traveling, and best of all DRAGONS!!! What could go wrong?

-Soul Surfer- An inspirational book about surfing, God, and persevering through tough times. Take it with you too Hawaii.

-The Hobbit- The Father of all fantasy books. Need I say more?

-Stargirl- This innocent romance about a boy and a girl in a small town in baking Arizona will leave you with blissful relaxation. Jerry Spinelli is a word wizard and will weave the story right around you until you forget you ever lived without it. If you need a nice read that flows over you like warm water that's just the right temperature, this is it.

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