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My Trip to Oregon

So I have been on a trip to Portland, Oregon for that last few days and just got back. It was a blast, and I have so many pictures to post. We stayed in the Pearl District, which is beautiful. I loved all the artistic culture and the city feel. I really loved Oregon a lot. I guess I haven't been there while it was raining, which might put a damper on it since I am a Southern California girl, but I think I would still like it, as I do enjoy the rain. So here are some pictures of the trip.

Nature Hike

Mt. St. Helens in the distance- pretty neat.

Sky tram. This thing is awesome. Talk about a cool form of public transportation! I felt like I was in some futuristic sic-fi movie!

If you go to Portland, go to Ovation. This was literally some of the best tea I've eve had. I got the Luwessa. I hear their coffee's really good too- I don't drink caffeine though so I didn't try it. But anyways its all Moroccan and super tasty so go there.

So we went to this amazing farm garden thing to pick blackberries. It was SOO beautiful. There was fields of flowers and zucchinis and peas and squash and berries and pear trees and more. So so pretty. I want a ranch like that when I grow up.

Little Big burger burger. So yummy. The name is very accurate- they are tiny burgers!

I love how they grow flowers off their lampposts- every town should do this.

Happy face in the sky. :)

Giant Yarn Balls in a shop window.

Powell's Books- HUGE bookstore. My heaven. :)

Concert!! We went to the Fish Fest in Salem. Blanca, Danny Gokey, Thousand Foot Crutch, Kutless, For King and Country, and Toby Mac played. Got some videos of some of them- check out the videos and their music.

How I pack my Art Supplies

So I'm leaving for a trip tomorrow and packing up my art supplies, so I thought it might be fun to do a quick tutorial type thing for all my artsy viewers who like to travel. So here you are.

So here's all the stuff I consider vital art materials- like as important as water and toothbrushes and books. Sketchbook (duh), a few sketching pencils (I like 2B, HB, and 2H, but your preference), a Micron Pen (whatever size you like) a kneaded eraser (an amazing thing really), a normal eraser, a small manual pencil sharpener, and a set of colored pencils (I'm bringing my new Primsa Colors!!! I'm still freaking out about them obviously).

So for the erasers and pencil sharpener, I put them in this teensy little box that a necklace came in-I save all my little containery things like this by the way, because they always come in handy. Just be careful not to mush your kneaded eraser to your regular eraser, because I've learned the hard way that it will NEVER come off.

My sketching pencils and Micron Pen all go in this fancy little bag thing I found at Art from Scrap. You can sew yourself one of these (they are pretty simple really, just a bag with two pockets) or you can put your pencils and pen in another similar small bag.

Then I put all my colored pencils in this pencil pouch I got a long time ago- I'm sure you could find something similar for a good price anywhere with office supplies.

Then I put the box with the erasers and pencil sharpener and the fancy bag thing all in the pencil pouch with the colored pencils and zipped it up

And there you have it, that's how I pack my art supplies. It all fits in pretty neatly don't you think? Anyways I might have it all figured out for the art stuff but don't ask me how I pack these monster books I like to read because I honestly don't know. Cramming them in is quite a project and usually leaves me with a tired shoulder after having to carry it around in the bag all day, but hey, it's an essential right? Can't leave home without it. :)

P.S. plug for this book- read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy the whole series it's amazing so read it. 

Pinterest Inspired Sketch

So I did a sketch of this neat drawing I found on Pinterest that had been sitting in my art inspiration board for a while. All credit goes to the original artist, I was copying it for learning purposes. But I think it turned out pretty cool. I mean you can definitely see that the fingers on mine are a lot funkier than the real artist's, but what the heck, it was just a quick for fun sketch. I also really liked doing the smudgy shading- neat effect.

My version

Pinterest Version

Things to do When You're Alone

As the summer winds down many of us are probably getting a little stressed about school or whatnot. So here are some things I recommend doing to get some unwind time.

-Read a book. The best way to relax in my personal opinion.
-Do some sketching. Or painting or scrapbooking or whatever floats your boat. Get lost in that creative energy.
-Dig out an old journal and read the stuff you wrote.
-Write in a new journal. Let it all out.
-Do some online shopping. Wether you're shopping for new soccer cleats or maxi skirts it'll be fun to buy something, and satisfying to check something off your school clothes list.
-Watch something. Load up netflix and finish off the last season of that show. Don't forget the snacks!
-Go adventuring. Walk, bike, hike, run, skateboard, whatever. Just get outside and breathe the fresh air. Go somewhere new.
-Play some video games. Beat that level.
-Research something. Anything. Learn something new. Become an expert and wow your family and friends.
-Do some riddles. There's a great app for that. Let yourself be stumped a little.
-Sit and think. You don't have to always be doing something. Turn off the phone and close the computer. Open up the window and let yourself zone out.
-Reorganize your closet, or your desk, or your whole room! Make it neat.
-Write a list.
-Start a blog! It's fun :) And post the link on comments so I can check it out.
-Write a story.
-Read other people's short stories. Fanfic and all that fun stuff.
-Flip through a catalogue or magazine.
-Take some photos.
-Come up with some new outfits and hair-dos. Paint your nails a new color. It's always fun to rethink your style.
-Cook something. Bake up some brownies or blend yourself a mango peach smoothie.
-Listen to music. Try new mixes and revisit old playlists. Dance a little. Sing your heart out.

New Prismacolor Pencils

I am so excited because I got some new Prismacolor colored pencils! Thanks to my grandma, who was so nice and bought them for me. She had a coupon and was able to purchase them from Michaels. They are the scholar quality. I had so much fun trying them out, and doodling in my sketchbook. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!! Ok I'll try to calm down but seriously, I'm SO EXCITED!!!!!!

Books to Read While Traveling

So it's August and everybody knows that summer's when you take trips. So wether you're on a trip to Tahiti or New York here are some books to read while you're vacationing.

-Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy- You think you're traveling far away, compared to this book you're not. This book will remind you distance (and time) is relative :)

-Mother Daughter Book Club ~Wish You were Eyre- The last book in the MDBD series, this book is a sweet finish with an exiting trip to France and plenty of traveling. Love this book. Always a good reread.

-The Brother Band Chronicles ~Book One- This one isn't really about traveling but it will while away the long car ride with it's epic excitement and suspense.

-Eragon- This is less of a vacation and more of a quest. Actually it's not a vacation at all. Elves, Swords, Traveling, and best of all DRAGONS!!! What could go wrong?

-Soul Surfer- An inspirational book about surfing, God, and persevering through tough times. Take it with you too Hawaii.

-The Hobbit- The Father of all fantasy books. Need I say more?

-Stargirl- This innocent romance about a boy and a girl in a small town in baking Arizona will leave you with blissful relaxation. Jerry Spinelli is a word wizard and will weave the story right around you until you forget you ever lived without it. If you need a nice read that flows over you like warm water that's just the right temperature, this is it.

Mexico Trip

Hey there, viewers, sorry it's been a bit since I posted- I was on a mission trip to Mexico with my church. We visited orphanages and played with the children there. It was a very special experience, and I already miss it so much. God has such a heart for those children, and it's amazing to see His provision and love for them. I didn't take any pictures because I didn't use electronics at all (I wanted to focus on the experience completely and not be distracted) but I might get some pictures from others who went on the trip that I will add to this post when I get them. Until then, I will use my words to describe what I saw.

My first word- colors! Mexico is a colorful place. The buildings are all painted different colors and they are all bright. I loved the artistic feel of the rainbow houses. It made me want to paint my house bright green.

Another thing I saw were murals. Big, beautiful, bright graffiti murals. There are some truly amazing artists there. Beautiful.

Language was an interesting aspect too. If you know me, then you know I LOVE words. Words words words. And I sadly don't speak Spanish YET. But I want to learn. So I was a little unsure about how well I would be able to communicate with the people there. But God came through and gave me confidence and I was able to really connect with the kids there. Language should not be a barrier, it's an opportunity to use something other than words to express love. And love is a language in itself. So with a garbled mixture of hand gestures, choppy Spanish, and pure emotion I was really able to build relationships. That's amazing.

And lastly, family. In Mexico I saw real family. Those kids in those orphanages loved each other. They were a family who cared for each other deeply. Real family. And I was so blessed to be invited into that family's home. Thank you God.

So here's my advice to you if you are unsure about wether or not to go on a mission trip. Go. Just go and do it. You will thank yourself and God as soon as you get there. It's normal to feel a little scared or hesitant, but don't let it stop you. Remember all those fearless, inspirational quotes you post on your Pinterest or hang on your bulletin board. Remember why you picked them. And go and be fearless and be free and serve. And you realize it was never about you anyway. And trust me when I say that realizing that is one of the best feelings ever. So go do it!