Enigmatic Collages

Here is an enigmatic collage series I completed. I did all eight pieces at once, and used watercolor, magazine clippings, gel medium, and tissue paper. They were all done on watercolor paper.

New Watercolor Paints!

I took a trip to Michaels and bought this Artist Loft watercolor cake set. I liked it because it had so many colors to choose from! They work pretty well, and were a reasonable price.

Cute Artist Loft Coloring Postcards

Found these cute artist loft postcards at Michael's. I have been coloring them with markers, but the paper is watercolor paper so you could paint them too. I think they're so cool! Can't wait to send them to my pen pal!

My Art Show!

I am proud to say that I was able to get a piece featured in an art show- I did an artist mentorship program and there was a show at the end. The class I participated in was a painting with old masters technique class, and we completed one oil still life in the allotted time. We even got to frame them! Here's mine.

It is going at a price of $350! We'll see if it sells.
Here are some other artworks of note that were also featured in the show, all done by other teenage students.

My class- can you spot mine?

These are pretty cool.

I have to figure out how to make these.

Scribbles! So cool!

Sketches- Pencil Stuff

These sketches are all graphite drawings done with a 2B. Enjoy!

Folded Girl
2B Graphite Pencil
By Vivian

Experimentation with Lines and Smudging
Smoke Being
2B Graphite Pencil
By Vivian

Experimentation with Line
Sword Branch
2B Graphite Pencil
By Vivian

Swamp Spirit
2B Graphite Pencil
By Vivian


Hey there viewers- I just discovered this cool contest online called Writers of the Future. I entered a story- you should to if you like to write! There's also an epic looking illustrator contest- have to look into that. If you entered something post about it in comments- I love to hear other creative story ideas. :)

Heres the link to the site: WRITERS OF THE FUTURE

A Week of Art- LACMA

During my week of art in LA I got to visit a second building in LACMA as well.. Here are my favorites (sorry if the pictures are a bit dark, it was quite dim in some rooms of the museum and flash was not permitted).

Tony Smith
Painted Aluminum

Irregular Forms: Creation
Frantisek Kupka
Oil on Canvas

Boats on the Beach
Georges Braque
Oil on Canvas

Henri Matisse
Oil on Canvas

Animated Forms
Joan Miro
Oil on Canvas

Young Women in Striped Dress
Pablo Picasso
Oil on Canvas

Weeping Woman with Handkerchief
Pablo Picasso
Oil on Canvas

Towards Disappearance
Sam Francis
Oil on Canvas

Campbell's Soup Can
Andy Warhol
Oil on Canvas

Jesus Rafael Soto
Painted Iron, Aluminum, Plastic Hoses

Stair and Fountain in the Park of a Roman Villa
Hubert Robert
Oil on Canvas

Portrait of Madame de Genlis
Adelaide Labille-Guiard
Oil on Canvas

Miss Charlotte Papendick as a Child
John Hopper
Oil on Canvas

Paul Cezanne
Oil on Canvas

In the Woods at Giverny: Blanche Hoschede at her Easel with Suzanne Hoschede Reading
Claude Monet
Oil on Canvas

Le Havre, bateaux de peche sortant du port
Claude Monet
Oil on Canvas

Claude Monet
Oil on Canvas

Two Girls Reading
Pierre Auguste-Renior
Oil on Canvas

A Week of Art in LA- Inside Out

I got to see the new Pixar movie Inside Out while on my trip to LA. As usual, Pixar outdid itself with remarkable storytelling, detailed animation, and a beautiful soundtrack. I enjoyed this movie so much- definitely one of my favorites. It was so touching and oh so relatable. If you haven't seen it yet, go buy your tickets right now because this is one you can't miss. Oh, and the short at the beginning is adorable.

A Week of Art- Descanso Gardens

My final artistic destination was the Descanso Gardens in Pasadena. The flora was so beautiful, and the gardens were skillfully laid out. Sadly, the drought had lead some of the plants to die, but many were still in full bloom! I was also excited to find that they were hosting an art show in the gardens! I got to check out the gallery-beautiful artwork. Enjoy all these pictures and this super cute video!

Goose Family!

Check out this cool vertical succulent garden

Untitled 61, 5, 14, and 55
D.J. Hall
Guache and Watercolor on Paper

Todd Carpenter
Oil on Board

James Doolin
Iris Prints

Eucalyptus Trees
Paul Grimm
Oil on Canvas

El Dorado
Aaron Giesel

This one was not in the show but in the house-but I still liked it too much to not take a picture of it.
Camellia japonica 'Betty's Beauty'
Diane Daly