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Hey viewers--
Sorry I missed posting stuff the last few days-I've had TONS of studying to do for finals and not much time to do anything artistic. But this is me we're talking about, and I'm always artistic, even if it's just in my head. The thing is, I think it's pretty much physically impossible for me to be awake and aware without being creative. I think the imagination part of my brain is just permanently working over time. So even though I was supposed to be pouring over math notes for my test, my mind was also solving more interesting and relevant (ok maybe not but in my world they are) problems. Or at least considering them. So here's a couple things I  was mulling over this week. Let your imagination do what it will with them.

You know how in the Narnia series there's that whole in between world that Polly and Digory go to using the rings, with all those puddles that lead to different universes and whatnot? Well I have a theory that that's essentially what a library or a bookstore is. It's an in between world that you can go to, and all the books are the different pools that you can jump into to visit different worlds. And the only rings you need are your imagination and the ability to read. Isn't that awesome?

Music is the only language the whole world speaks.

Art is rebelling against the rebels. My friend said this. I think it's pretty funny, but also pretty true.

Technically, as a non-conformist, aren't you conforming to the non-conformist criteria, which is not conforming? So really you're still a conformist. I think that's kind of a weird paradox.

A new box of markers has magical powers that so far seem to be able to solve almost any problem.

If you're looking for something and you're  not sure what it is, it is almost certainly God.

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