New Sketchbook- Yay!!

So if any of you are like me than you know that getting to pick out a brand new notebook or sketchbook is one of the most gratifying experiences available to us here on planet Earth. So I was very excited when I finished my old sketchbook (which was literally falling apart- the cover was no longer attached and the rings of the spiral binding were so mixed up and unwound I'm surprised the entire thing didn't just randomly explode in my backpack) I was so excited to take the trip to Michaels and choose a new one. After pouring over all the different options for a long time, I ended up choosing this Strathmore Mixed Media spiral bound sketchbook. It's 5.5x8.5 inches (14x21.6 cm) with 90 lb. paper. I wasn't to sure about the paper weight at first since you are usually supposed to have a weight of 120 lb. or higher for wet medias, like watercolor. But it says its good for wet and dry media so we'll see how it goes. It's a nice tiny size which I like better since it is easier to carry around. Hopefully the binding will stay in place this time. There were no mixed media sketchbooks that weren't spiral bound so I had to go with this, but it seems to be holding up ok so far. Besides the horrid cover (honestly, mustard yellow? Who designs these things?) I think its an overall good sketchbook.

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