Maximum Ride Forever Book Review

     Maximum Ride Forever is the supposedly final book in the Maximum Ride series. Maximum Ride is a fast paced action adventure and sci-fi series about a girl named Maximum (or Max for short) who was genetically modified and made into a human-bird hybrid. She and her flock of other mutant bird kids are on a quest to save the world from the evil scientists trying to destroy it.
     Like most Max fans, I was fairly excited but also a bit scared when I heard a ninth book was coming out. In my opinion, the series had pretty much fallen apart after the third book, what with the never ending and seemingly pointless plot twists, random unnecessary added characters (Dylan, I'm looking at you!) not to mention that one book where all they did was sit in Antartica- (what was that about anyway?). So overall after Nevermore I was exhausted with the endless torrent of mishmashed plot twists and fine to just leave the series where it was, despite the unsatisfactory and rather cheesy ending.
      So when I found out that Maximum Ride Forever was coming out on the 18th of May in 2015, I was torn between jumping up and down in excitement and kicking the wall in frustration. I love Maximum and the flock as much as any other fan, and was thrilled to get to revisit their world, but I also was disappointed that James Patterson was adding yet another book to a series that was already stretched to the limit.
     So what did I do? I logged on to my kindle and bought it the morning it came out of course! And then read the entire thing in a period of three days.

    There were definitely some good parts about this book. The plot twist at there very end there about Max having Fang's child? I was not expecting that and it successfully shocked me. I actually thought James Patterson closed up the Angel-Max competition pretty well by allowing Angel to be a "prophet" which I thought was a clever twist and a good solution to the tension between those two, although I still think it should've been Max rallying the group to the final battle at the end. Also, the fact that Dylan was the horsemen and faking the flock's deaths was also an interesting piece of the story which I found surprisingly satisfactory. And of course the heartwarming ending was priceless and made me proud to be a Maximum Ride fan and to have seen the flock through their entire journey (no matter how strung out it was).
     But I'm afraid the good parts were accompanied by many bad parts that didn't do justice to our beloved characters. One of my biggest disappointments was the amount of recycled plot material I found in this book! It seemed that almost every plot twist had been used at least twice. When the Max-Dylan-Fang love triangle started right back up on the second or third page, I nearly broke my kindle. I thought we had solved that with the whole dramatic scene on the cliff of Fang and Max being each others one and only and all that. But no, apparently Max still had a soft spot for Dylan. Ugh. Anyways, when I read the part about Fang leaving Max for her own safety or whatever, I honestly was completely unfazed. I mean come on, how many times have we read that one?! I feel like Fang has been leaving at least once a book ever since they got together in the second book. So when I read Fang was leaving again I just rolled my eyes and moved on. And when he died I was like, please, you really think I'm gonna fall for that again? I mean come on, the guy's died at least twice by now and he somehow always makes it back. The flock splitting up was also totally reused, as well as the Max and Angel conflict that seems to have been a theme throughout the entire series. Dylan's sacrifice for Fang was also already used once except he actually died this time. Not to mention the fact that Dr. Häagen Daz was back again. I was sure he had died, but I admit I've gotten all the evil scientists a little mixed up considering the fact that there seems to be a new one every book.
     In total Maximum Ride Forever was a two or three star book. I wasn't to thrilled with the recycled plots, but I feel the end managed to salvage what little good was left in the series and finish it fairly well for the amount of damage there was to fix. At least Maximum Ride fans get to rest peacefully now that there was an ending that did justice to our beloved flock. The Maximum Ride series will be in my heart forever.

What did you think of the final book in the Maximum Ride series? Do you agree? Comment down below, but please keep it appropriate and polite.

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