2 Easy/Cheap DIY Room Decorations

Here's 2 simple DIY room decorations to try this week.

Chalkboard Quote
I actually got the idea to do this when walking through Hobby Lobby and noticing all the super cute wall decorations. One of them had this quote on it, so I took a picture and DIYed it. I think it turned out pretty good. I made it by covering a cheap plywood board with chalkboard paint (I did two coats so that it was nice and thick). Then I used a box of Crayola chalk to write the quote. I sprayed it with some fixative to make the writing permanent, but that's optional if you want to be able to change it.

 Recycled Flower Vase
This is pretty self explanatory. I didn't want to buy vases so I just peeled the labels of some HINT flavored water bottles. It is simple and good for the environment. I have these all over my room now! I love the fresh flowers.

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